Bhairav Textiles is a leading name in the textile manufacturing industry. With over 40 years of experience in exporting authentic fabric in African prints to many different countries, our fabric is designed to meet your fashion requirements for all occasions across different age groups.

We manufacture a very wide range of fabrics as per ISO standards – prints, patterns and designs and if you would like us to print your designs, we would be happy to help you with the customization.


Fashion is a dynamic industry and needs to be kept pace with. At Bhairav Textiles, we never let you miss a beat in the world of fashion and style. Our entire range of fabric is not just fresh and lively, but is also one of the few trend setters in the industry.
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Java fabric is made with absolute meticulousness and is very popular for its beautiful designs put on a soft to touch fabric. This is a traditional fabric that is made in as many as 9 vivid colours.
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When you think of African prints or African fabric, the first image that flashes across almost in every person’s mind is that of African Wax prints. They are also called Ankara prints that are made with traditional wax resistant techniques. It is one of the coolest and most vibrant African fabric in demand around the world.

This is a 100% cotton fabric making it absolutely adaptable into any attire of your choice, traditional or modern like dresses, skirts, jackets and even trousers.
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The youth of Africa is one of the most dynamic populations that love to party and live life to the fullest. There is always an occasion to rejoice and celebrate.

Bhairav Textiles brings to you a collection purely intended to fit your events and rituals – both traditional and contemporary. Bring in the happy times like weddings, birthdays, moments of personal achievements and other events of gatherings such as funerals and memorials where uniform dressing is a custom.
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